The contemporary consultative-diagnostic department at S. V. Malayan Ophthalmological center is supplied with equipment that is modern and region unique.


All-digital / More effective / More comfortable

Centervue Compass (Italy)

The Compass Automatic PTT is the newest scanning tool that gives the test result as a glimpse of an image. The Zest concept makes the research process faster and more effective.

Tomey OCT Casia2 (Japan)

The CASIA 2 OCT OCULO coherent tomography (Tomey) device examines the eye-front and enables exploring the entire spectrum of the eye. The equipment also has an ability to shoot and record, which is of utmost importance when it comes to following the dynamic changes during the accomodation.

Tomey OA 2000 (Japan)

The exceptional OA2000 optical biometer (Tomey) is designed for lens calculations. The special program allows realising the most accurate estimations even in serious cataract cases.

Tomey EM 4000 (Japan)

Tomey's EM4000 endothelial microscope is designed to estimate the endothelial cells in the inner surface of the eye retina.

Tomey Refraction Unit (Japan)

The next equipment is a highly contemporary automated system (Tomey), which allows to diagnose short sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in seconds and makes the eyeglass prescription easier.
Pneumotonometer allows measuring eye pressure without using any medication or touching the eye.


Progressive equipment, precise diagnosis, authentic care and treatments all in one place. We corporate with the leading specialists and major ophthalmologic manufacturers worldwide.